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How to find children’s party magician

Kids love to be entertained. They are full of wonderment and joy. The still believe in magic and completely trust the illusions that they see. A magician really is the perfect guest to entertain the children. Well, that is if you take the time to find the best magician for the job. There are many great magicians to choose from and here are some tips to make certain you find the right party guest.

Appearance A magician for children should have a friendly and casual appearance. Heavy make up and clowns are not the best option for children. They often sense that there is a face behind the makeup that they cannot understand. A costume of some sort is fine as long as the children can identify the person as someone who looks approachable and safe.

References Ask your friends, family and neighbors if they know any magicians that are especially suited for children. Word of mouth is one of the best ways a magician can advertise. Of course, you need to follow up and get references. Check and see if the magician is insured and bonded. Having insurance shows that the magician is truly a professional.

Check the local guilds and clubs It is surprising how many people network. The local chamber of commerce typically has a list of guilds and clubs that meet. The International Brotherhood of Magicians is a respected and very large group for all types of magicians. That is often a great place to find the kind of information you want to make an informed decision. Look for local groups and chapters as well.

Ask for an audition If your child meets the magician and sees a few great tricks and loves it, you are on the right track. A children’s party is often centered around one guest of honor and if that child is happy and excited, other children will join in. You don’t want to view the whole show, just give the child a sample and watch for the reaction.

Be prepared to pay for excellence Hiring an entertainer is not an inexpensive option. Be prepared to pay a professional price for a professional entertainer. You can negotiate and find different price points, and typically you get what you pay for.

Remember who the audience is You are booking for children. Remember their humor and understanding of magicians are not the same as adults. Find a magician that caters to those needs and recognizes safety and you will make a great choice.


How to arrange princess parties

How to arrange a princess parties for your girls should not be a daunting task for you, what with many ideas out there that can make it successful. There are basic ideas which one can use and follow which I will discuss with you in this article, you will be surprised that you will come up with great deal of imagery which will make your party a success.


You need to find a theme for your princess party this is tailored by your child favorite princess. There are many princess to choose from e.g. Jasmine, Cinderella, Tiana or even Disney characters. By choosing a theme you make the party unique to your child likes.

Party invitation

Make a first impression; people love to receive unusual invitation, this help to capture their imagination and excitement. You can buy plastic tiaras which are very cheap these days, and using decorative ribbons you can lay them on beautiful gift wrappers. Alternatively you may use fill in invitations. Kicking your imagination higher you may use royal language on the invitation cards e.g Her Royal Highness Princess etc.

Plan the decoration

Making a list of all the things you will need to decorate your party will go a long way in helping you avoid mistakes When the list is done buy whatever needs to be bought or borrowed. Buying things in advance is a good move.

Budget for favors

The guests expect favors from the princess; you should budget for favors and buy them in advance. Common sense dictates that you should budget for what you should afford, luckily for you there are many options available and cheap. Many favors include make up kits, tiaras wands and other gifts.

Party cake

It is up to you to decide the cake design, maybe you can use a castle as a design or a carriage etc.after deciding what design you can ask your baker if he or she is comfortable with your design and adjust accordingly.

Party drinks

When planning for cakes it is also good to plan for drinks will there be tea? Juices? Or what is the princess preference?

How to arrange a princess parties should not b e daunting as I said earlier it is my hope by now that your mind is brimming with ideas and possibilities of what you can do during the preparations. Of importance is planning ahead, making a budget , and buying what needs to be bought early.